Breakbeat Paradise


Aside from the comments that can be found in the guestbook I have rescived a lot of cool feedback on this website. To show my appreciation I want to make the messages avaiable for everybody! Getting mails like this is what makes me wanna go on doing this! Thanx a lot everybody!


i loved your site,,,specially the way you have everything in catergories. i know is hard work but it pays off...


I spent hours looking for a site that was particular and effective. I must say when I arrived at yours I was a little bit skeptic but after one download I was hooked, Keep up the good work 'cause your efforts are greatly appreciated!!!!


Well done! Best sample site I' ve ever seen(no bullshit).My banks are refreshed!


thanx a mil-ur doin some really valuable work.


just dropin past to say what a whack site u got!


Wickid download section, any chance i can add some of them tunes to my sets?


This site is amazing!!!! - I bet you get much appreciation for the site you have but I've got to say it is the best sample site I have been to!!!


i only want to say.....that youre site ''kicksaaSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cool sampleZ........

nice one!!!...


i really like your site and it has a lot of great samples that i like---


First of all congratulations great samples on your site man and they are on download for free.


... really nice sample pages......   keep it up.


Dear Badboe - ur info on breaks really rox


Man your site is kick ass tight. 


i decided to do all the beats on my 3rd album and your page is really helping me out with samples.  thanks a lot for the samples, i use a lot of them in my own beats.  i'll hit you up inside of my cd booklet for my 3rd album with a link to your page, thanks so much.


Your site rocks. Great samples, clear layout, fast download, great samples and that cool slidy thing in the menu. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Wow!!!!  You put together one of the BEST free samples websites I have came across!!!


I was originally searching for vocal samples.  I write trance/club music myself, but everything sounds boring with just a melody without vocals.  I did find some nice vocals on your page.


hey there I just wanted to say that your site is awesome! I have been looking for a site like your for weeks!


thanks dude,

really appreciate the downloads...I can't wait to try them out.

just dropping a quick email to thank you for a lot of cool samples - I just made a really nice track with some of your samples!

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