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The general idea about this section is to make a forum for people to do remixes and make their songs avaiable for download. Over the time there are gonna be a wide selection of samples(remix)packs from my own productions as well as acapella-vocals from well-known songs. Also if any of you are willing to give up some samplepacks from your songs I would be happy to put them on the site. 

Have fun breakin' down some remixes! 

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Songname Description Website Size Download
Breakbeat Paradise - DJ Mix 1999 A 40 min DJ Mix made back in my remix days in '99. This crazy mix kicks of some mindblowin' remixes of tracks by Sister Sledge, George Michael, Gabrielle, Diana Ross, TLC, Bruce Channel and George Harrinson and others! This set is for the breakbeat lovers!  - 19 mb (RealAudio)

33.8 mb (mp3)

RA Download

MP3 Download 

Lazy Tramp - Slave To The Beat Britney Spears " Slave 4  u " vs. Mr ozio īs " Flat beat "

A sexy little pop star teams up with that little furry character Mr Ozio! 4.92 mb (mp3) Download
Lazy - [ Model ] Kraftwerkīs " The Model " vs xpress 2īs " Lazy "

Who said modelīs cant be Lazy 5.39 mb (mp3) Download 
Lazy Tramp - Come On You Slag's (Fullonmix) Grace jone's has " got a temper " when prodigy "pulled up and hit her bumper " , Salt n pepa came a long and said " push it " out the way , then came tag team who said " whoop there it is " , next came a rather sick in the head Kylie minogue who got up set and " can't get it out of her head " , last of all Missy Elliot came along and said " work it " out guy's a short mix of chopped up song's which sound's like a cat fight. 6.98 mb (mp3) Download
Lazy Tramp - Dj's Love Rohypnol A really cool and inventive mix of new tracks as well as old ones. I was really spellbound when listining to this crazy mix of what I thought was uncombineable songs :) Check it out! 4.54 mb (mp3) Download
Lazy Tramp - Devil Made Me Do It Bad Another cool mix after the same practice of mixing acapella on top of old 60's tune. 3.82 mb (mp3) Download
Lazy tramp - Who's Line Is it Anyway (Ozzy osbourne tv show theme mashup) This one is really creative and a kind of a challenge to the listener! 4.23 mb (mp3) Download

Songname Description Website Size Download
4 o Clock In The Morning (Statik Effekt In Full Effekt Remix) An incredible hard redo of the old 4 o clock in the morning. Gabba Techno with lots of heavy bassdrums and fast breaks. Really well put together...check it out!  none 3.72 mb (mp3) Download
Breakbeat Forever (Brotherbull Remix) A really cool and well-thought-out remix with lots of experimenting breaks - including some really crazy Drum&bass beats! Check out Brotherbulls mindblowing redo of Breakbeat Forever! MP3.COM 4.04 mb (mp3) Download

Songname Description Website Size Download
Daymoe - Downsyde (Remix) A super cool remix of an Australian Rap tune. Here in a breakbeat electronica disguise that truly kicks ass. The spicy beats and electronic synth and bass is running smooth with the rhymes of the downsyde... 3.54 mb (mp3) Download
Mr. Mooncat - Hard`n`Fast Well another hardhouse tune from the Mr Mooncat stable, starts of with a mellow bongo sequence and then into kicks and scattered hats followed by a rapline to die for and then the break with a synth line that rocks!!!, then the drop as hard as nails!!! Rough!!! Email 4.26 mb (mp3) Download
Statik Effekt - Tr4um4 A quite unusual track with lots power in it. The style is pretty hard to label but you'll find a some trancy as well as Gabba Hardcore parts in this track. Surely a creative way to use the Breakbeat Paradise samples! none 7.11 mb (mp3) Download
Dj Tone-Def - The 4th Horseman Super professinal kickass Drum n' Bass track by my man and frequent visitor of Breakbeat Paradise Tone-Def. Mindblowin' effects, tempo changing and 160+ BPM beats are what you can expect in this awesome release. The BB samples in full effect! IUMA.COM 5.75 mb (mp3) Download


Please don't use these samples in other productions than a dedicated remix of the original song - and remember to let me know when you deside to remix :)

Songname Contens Amount Size Download
Can't Wait Much Longer Airvocalfilter - Bigbass - California Soul Vocal - Can't Wait filter vocal - Copyright - Disco Filter Melody - Funkguitar - Guitar - Hold on Vocal Filter - Rapline - Scratch - Stonger Vocal - Sweep synth 22 Samples 1.13 mb (mp3) Download
Breakbeat Forever Bobble Effect - E.V.A Vocalrip - Grooveline Vers 2 - Grooveline Vers 3 - It's Like That (Rap line) - Pump The Bass (Voice Rip) - Outtro sound - Scratch - Soul Music (Voice Sample) 10 samples 477 kb (mp3) Download
BadboE Is Breakin' The Ice Acidline Melodi - BB Breaking The Ice (Voice Sample) - Come With Me (Vocal) - Crash Hit - Dance Lead Synth - Emotional Subsystem (Voice) - Get You (Voice) - Melodyline - Organ - Piano - Scratch - Sweep sound - Time Of My Life (Vocal)  13 samples 405 kb (mp3) Download

Note that these sample are under copyright by the original artists so I will disclaim the responsibility for any commercial use!

Artist Songtitle Size Download
4 Strings Take Me Away 1.18 mb (mp3) Download
666 Supa Dupa Fly 4.91 mb (mp3) Download
Chante Moore Straight Up 5.01 mb (mp3) Download
Janet Jackson Someone To Call My Lover 4.15 mb (mp3) Download
Jennifer Lopez feat Ja Rule  I'm Real 3.34 mb (mp3) Download
Jungle Brothers Jungle Brother 3.28 mb (mp3) Download
Junior Jack My Feeling 956 kb (mp3) Download
Lost Witness Happiness Happening 1.14 mb (mp3) Download
Black & White Bros Put Your Hands Up 1.12 mb (mp3) Download
2Static  Feel The Beat 2.37 mb (mp3) Download
Ariel  Woman In Love Plasmapella 2.84 mb (mp3) Download
Daisey   Boogie Your Body 1.77 mb (mp3) Download
Danny Tenaglia  Elements (The Voice of God) 1.92 mb (mp3) Download
Defected Accapella Vol 3  Side B DJ 3.00 mb (mp3) Download
Glam feat Pete Burns  Sex Drive 2.06 mb (mp3) Download
Klubbheads Vs. M Van Dale  Raise Your Hands 3.64 mb (mp3) Download
Loleatta Holloway   Hit and Run 2.39 mb (mp3) Download
Tone Loc  Funky Cold Medina 1.09 mb (mp3) Download
Adina Howard 


 Freak Like Me 4.19 mb (mp3) Download


Have You Ever 620 kb (mp3) Download


Oops Oh My 3.52 mb (mp3) Download
Deborah Cox


Things Just Aint The Same 4.58 mb (mp3) Download
Dj Supreme


The Wild Style 561 kb (mp3) Download


Hard To Say Im Sorry 1.57 mb (mp3) Download


Frozen 3.14 mb (mp3) Download
Mary J Blige feat. Jada Fabolous Family Affair (Remix) 3.35 mb (mp3) Download
Mc Lyte


Cold Rock A Party 3.93 mb (mp3) Download
Michelle Gayle


Do You Know 2.60 mb (mp3) Download
Michelle Weeks


The Light 843 kb (mp3) Download
The Prodigy


No Good (Start The Dance) 250 kb (mp3) Download


Coming On Strong 129 kb (mp3) Download
The Knack


You Better 649 kb (mp3) Download
Classic House Trance Vocal  The Realm 437 kb (mp3) Download
Unknown Dance Artist


Temperature 217 kb (mp3) Download
Unknown Voice - Sampled by a lot The House Lecture 799 kb (mp3) Download
Unknown Soul/Dance Artist Hold That Sucker Down 1.78 mb (mp3) Download
Chuck D of Public Enemy (thanx thZipa)


The Rhythm The Rebel Rap Line 532 kb (mp3) Download
Unknown Soul/Dance Artist Let No Man Put Asunder 1.79 mb (mp3) Download
Unknown Soul/Dance Artist Do You Want It Right Now 1.39 mb (mp3) Download
Unknown House Voiceline


Gotta Have House Music 247 kb (mp3) Download
Unknown Soul/Dance Artist - Sampled by a lot! Love Sensation 1.50 mb (mp3) Download



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