Breakbeat Paradise

Check out the website about our opensound music project and give a listen to our alternative rap music.

Maz Sound Tools

 This is the webshop for all the djz around the world that still stays true to vinyl! Check out the awesome breakbeat selection at Streetwise Music!

Samples Toplist - Vote for me by clicking here!


Echo Vibes Top 50 Sound Site


Top 200 Best-Sites

Top 100 Sites network - A cool collection of top sites in over 150 categories!

Loopy Fruiters

Check out this cool page hosted by Breakbeat Paradise with awesome tutorials and tips on how to use Fruityloop. 

The ModRing

United Trackers

German Drum & Bass Site!


The spyCREW

Check out this awesome site with all from groovy trax to cocktails (winner of the Breakbeat Contest 02 by the way)


Drum&Bass Tunes - Samples and radioclips - Also check out Ruffradio every Thuesday 8-12PM (GMT) to check out the live broadcast!

Canadian DJ store, that sells: Vinyl Records (Over 100 Releases each weeks with audio sample), CD's, DJ Equipment, Gear, Software.
Sponsor for the Breakbeat Contest 2003!

Check out this awesome breakbeat artist from New Orleans and give a listen to his unique style of dark breaks!


Reason-related news, helpful articles, free refills, reviews, big community and more.

SoundFont developers for Emu/Ensoniq. Providers of LICENCE FREE sample cds.
Designers of custom sound banks.



This is where to go when you want to release your stuff! A full searchable database on recordlables and the styles they release!

This is what we've been waiting for in a looooooong time. A tracker that runs in NT and feels and looks like a Dos-tracker. This baby can use VST plugins as well...!  Its the best tracker Ive seen in years. Tryout their demo and see what I mean!
Sponsor for the Breakbeat Contest 2003! 

Check out the awesome music tools this company makes - state of the art stuff, I've been using them for years now!

 This is it DJs! A really nice flash DJ simulation where you'll get the change to mix some oldskol beats and scratch a little on the side. The advantage is that everything you do in here sounds good - unlike in real life :)

Nice Techno samples

Free Computer Music, Sound Effects and Sound Utilities

Software for Electronic Musicians

Check out this kick ass tool to DJ with your mp3z - Almost like the real thing!

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