Breakbeat Paradise Contest 2007

As a followup on the last 5 years hot breakbeat contests, we are throwing yet another contest to get y'all workin' with them breaks and grooves to create the funkiest breakbeat track or the coolest nu skool break track of the summer 2007!
This year there will be only 1 winner!
The entries are separated into the following groups:
Funky Breaks/Oldskool Breaks
Nu Skool Breaks/Electrobreaks
Drum 'n' Bass/Experimental

So breakers around the world...get your acts together and send in your stuff! The tune that beat overall appeal will be the proud winner of this years contest!


Besides the honour and glory of being the best breakers in 2K7 the winner will receive some really cool sample cds from breakbeat paradise as well as our loyal sponsor Loopmasters (follow this site or the main page as sponsors joins in)!

1. Each winner will have their winning tune released for digital download though Breakbeat Paradise Recordingsand become a member of the bbp recording team! The winning tune will be part of an EP with other tunes by the winner as well as a remix by an existing artist from BBP Recording. The record deal with BBP Recordings will be a 50/50 deal - so all earnings will be shared equally between artist and label! As soon as the EP has been released we will be looking for partner labels to release the tune on vinyl for the djscene!
2. Our loyal sponsor Loopmasters will give out 5 cds from their Origin Series samplecds for the winner! The 5 cds will be free of choice!
Loopmasters - Official Sponsor of the Breakbeat Contest 2007

3. The winner will be given a copy of the 2 breakbeat paradise samplekit. vol 1 and vol. 2!

Rating and Reviewing:

All trax will be rated at the end of the contest by the contest judgeteam! The top 10 best rated tunes will get an indebt review their entry unfortunately due to the large amount of entries we have had the previous years we cannot review all tunes sorry about this! Visitors also has the ability to rate and review entries, which will also be taken into consideration when deciding who's gonna win!

The contest judges will be the Breakbeat Paradise Recordings crew as well as partner labels.


You can use the Breakbeat Paradise Uploader 4.0 to upload your logo/picture and tune for the contest! We recommend that you do this to make sure your song will stay online - even after the contest is done! Uploading it to my server is perminent! Check out more on how to upload on The Upload page.

Note that you cannot use the old uploader - you will need the uploader 4.0!

Deadline: July 1. 2007!


  • Rule no. 1 is to break it down! Everything with fly groovy beats are accepted! Triphop, Drum & Bass, Nu Skool - Old' Skool Breaks, Funky breaks... No house trance club trax in this contest please! We are making a bigger point in this rule in the 2007 contest. This is a breakbeat contest so the tunes should at least have breaks in them! Please specify your tunes subgenre as you submit your tune... Tip: Since the winning tune is for commercial release some genres have better chances of winning. Nu skool breaks/Electro breaks/Funky Brokenbeats are preferred genres!

  • No obvious ripoffs and remixes are allowed! The songs cannot include uncleared samples/material of any kind - since the winning tunes will be used for commercial purposes! Keep in mind that tunes with uncleared material might have a smaller chance in winning - even if the production quality is outstanding!

  • Only one entry per person

  • Own entries cannot be rated and reviewed!

  • Accepted formats are mp3, mod, xm, flp, wma, rns but in order to most people to be able to hear your song we would recommend mp3! 

Enough talk...Now lets get it on...

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